How Electric Car Works

Published: 09th March 2009
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Electric cars are shown up in the news nowadays. The hybrid vehicles and especially the electric cars are talk of the town. The electric car is the best alternative for the petroleum cars. The reason for this includes many statements. The electric cars have a lot of advantages over the old fashioned petroleum cars. The popularity of the electric cars has reached almost all over the world. We are taught in schools about the alternative sources of energy. The alternative sources of energy are solar energy, gas energy, electrical energy, etc. The electric cars are the cars which can run on electricity. Actually the petroleum cars can also be converted into electric cars. It is very easy to convert a petroleum car into electric cars. Most of the petroleum cars are being converted into electrical cars as electrical cars is cost cutting.

It is almost not difficult to understand how an electric car works. The architecture of the electric car is quite different then the petroleum car. A electrical car is consist of lots of wiring. The electrical car has following main components:

Electric Motor

Motor Controller


An electric car is powered by an electric motor while a petroleum car is powered by a petroleum engine. This is how an electric car defers from the petroleum car. Instead of a petroleum engine an electric motor is placed inside the electric car. The electric motor gets power from the controller. Number of rechargeable batteries provide power to the controller.

The controller gets the power from the batteries and gives it to the motor. The accelerator pedal is tied with a pair of potentiometers (variable resistors), which provides the signal for the controller how much power it is to to deliver.

The 300 volts dc current is inoput to the controller from the battery and controller converts it into a maximum of 240 volts AC, three-phase, and sends to the motor. Inside the controller there is a transistor which turns onand off rapidly. A connector connects these two potentiometers and the padal, when you push on the gas pedal, The controller gets information about how much power to deliver to the electric car's motor from the potentionmeters. There are two potentiometers for the sake of safety. The controller checks the readings of the both potentiometers to be equal. If they are not, then the controller stops operating. When accsilator is pressed, the controller turns the switch on, and when it is removed, it would turn it off.

The batteries are the main sources of power for the electrical car. Number of rechargeable batteries provide power to the controller. The motor can use both AC and DC batteries. Batteries run by chemicals such as lithiuem. You can recharge the batteries by just plugging in the wire to the electric socket.

In this article we discussed about the architecture and working of electrical cars. Hope that this information increased your knowledge about the electrical cars.

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