How Leadership Problems Affect BPO Industry in the Philippines

Published: 09th March 2009
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The Development Dimensions International (DDI) is a firm based in the United States that has published a report that the Philippines is currently having some issues and concerns about the leadership in BPO companies in the country. The report says that the country has been having some troubles and difficulties in producing managers and executives that could effectively lead the providers. The country also had some difficulty in creating individuals that could meet the demands of a growing BPO industry.

It is also said that there are only a few people or only a small percentage of actual leaders and managers who said that their leadership has hit the satisfactory mark. This could be alarming because if the leaders themselves are not satisfied with the way they lead the team of provider, how could they handle they handle their jobs and responsibilities effectively? Or how could they encourage their team to be more efficient and productive? If this problem will not be addressed and resolved immediately, time will come when the country's BPO industry will face major problems that could cripple the whole industry.

The leaders should be the ones who know what quality means. They should be able to tell if the service provider is doing a good job. How could they do that if they believe that their leadership can't be considered as high quality? Leaders who are satisfied with their abilities are more confident that they could make the right decisions for the whole team and for the whole company. That is very important if they want to bring success to their company and the BPO industry in their country. They know where they want to take the company and the team of providers and they have a certain goal to achieve excellence and deliver works of the highest quality.

The DDI has teamed up with the Business Processing Association of the Philippines or BPAP to gather the data and some information that came with the report. It has been found that not only are the managers not satisfied with their own leadership but with the way other leaders handle and run their companies as well. This has resulted to a feeling of resentment towards other leaders of different departments, groups, or sectors.

The Philippines should take this matter seriously because the growth of the whole BPO industry depends on these leaders. There are many things that the country could do in order to produce more competitive and efficient leaders in the future. It could follow steps and measures taken by other countries like India to be make sure that the BPO industry will survive for the next years to come.

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